The Carving Board & Assigned Seats at AMC

Since today is seemingly the only break from the rain this weekend, I decided to check out a relatively new place to eat in Burbank and see a movie. A dear friend makes fun of me and states that I only like about 10 restaurants in Burbank which isn’t exactly true… I’m just a creature of habit and really dislike Olive Garden and BJs which they love. Another friend had posted about The Carving Board so I decided to give it a shot. Upon walking in there I immediately realized that based on the atmosphere alone if I was in Silverlake I would have already said I’m out because I already felt a little too hipster being in the place. (This article from a few years ago caused strong emotions for me and made me want to shout “keep your hands off my Burbank hipsters!” 🙂 ) It had all the right hipster elements, too small/hard to read menu, meals not on plates and weird pieces of wood instead of actual table numbers but hey, at least there were regular seats and tables.

I had the Bentley sandwich and it was good, 5/5 stars and not to oversaturated with dressing. The chips that came with it were kind of forgettable but I wasn’t about to pay an extra $2 to upgrade to some kind of sad looking fries. For two people the bill was $32 which is pricier for a order up counter type place but not unreasonable given the quality of the food.  As much as I felt like I should turn in my Burbank card just by being there, I will be going back.

After lunch we ventured over to the AMC 16 to see the new M. Night Shyamalan movie, Split to see if he’s out of director jail yet. (Spoiler alert – he is). Like most theaters AMC seems to be taking a cue from the Arclight in recent months and doing assigned seats. I personally love it, but it caused a pretty heated discussion on our local Facebook page where people feel that by assigning seats they are being treated like children. News flash: If the usual people I see texting, talking or translating the movie for their friend in a different language are any indication, they really deserve to be treated as such. Last time I was there a couple of weeks ago to see LaLa Land, two couples almost came to blows over assigned seats (one refused to get up from the seats that were not assigned to them and then proceeded to talk about it during the entire movie). Today there was a similar issue with everyone in the row ahead of me needing to move one over so that they could be in their assigned seats. Really, this just confounds me. When asked to pick a seat when purchasing their ticket do they think it’s an option? Do people fly on airplanes and not understand seat assignments? I really, really just do not get it. The Oatmeal does this really funny comic about movie theaters and I’m whole heartedly starting to agree with it. Anyone up for a letter writing campaign? 😉

A Lesson in Shopping Local

Let me start off by saying if it wasn’t already clear from the “about me” section of my blog, I looove Burbank. I’m also a huge believer in shopping local (especially in Magnolia Park) and giving back to the community. This widely circulated meme has made me burst into tears on more than one occasion.


With all this being said, I have a dark confession to make. As much as I advocate shopping local and I really do (just look at my monthly card statement and see my Dino’s Pizza and Audrey K Boutique charges – it’s kind of alarming) I’m super lazy when it comes to everyday stuff like food and household goods and pretty much buy everything from bananas to toilet paper online. Why? Well, part of me figures most of the time would be a big box purchase anyway from a Ralphs, Target, etc  (the sales tax though, I know, I know…) and the second part is time. Not so much that I don’t have time to shop but laundry detergent will get to my door faster with Amazon Prime than me remembering to go to Target and buy it. It’s a sad but true fact. Because of this, I have some pretty odd combinations of things from Amazon shipped and the occasional lost package. For someone who worked retail and customer service for over a decade of my life I really dread calling customer service when something goes wrong. When I had a package show up as delivered and it wasn’t this week the impending feeling of doom set in. I waited a day hoping that it would show up and even flagged down my mail carrier asking her if she’s seen it… alas she had not so it’s time to call Amazon CS. When I spoke to “Van” I explained that I was home when it was “delivered” and my dogs make for excellent doorbells and so the chances of someone sneaking off with it are pretty unlikely. Then the questions started, the highlights of the conversation were as follows:

CS: “Did you check under your doormat?”

Me: “Uh, it’s a giant prime pantry box”

CS: “What about a neighbor, maybe the driver didn’t feel safe leaving the box?”

Me: “Nope don’t think so they probably would have let me know and honestly my house is the house that UPS, etc usually leaves stuff with because I’m home during the day.”

CS: Is it in your backyard perhaps?

Me: No, it’s not.

CS: Well what about under your car?

Me: I drive a Prius, it wouldn’t fit under there.

**Awkward laughter from the rep after each answer**

We go back and fourth like this for a few minutes. Now this is not a knock on Amazon CS, it’s easy to make fun of this conversation but I understand that they really do have to ask these questions. Finally she offers me a refund, I ask her if she can just replace the items and she says no just a refund. I tell her fine and she puts me on hold. A few minutes later she comes back and actually tells me that her system is making her “give the post office a chance” and I need to call back on Monday. No offer to follow up, just see if you can find it and call back. I was a little stunned because in the rare times I’ve had something go missing I’ve never had this result but I ended the call and asked Siri to remind me to call back on Monday. All in all, I’ve wasted about 20 minutes of my life over three 12 packs of SURGE soda, fabric softer and Jet Dry. As I type it I feel even more ridiculous than I did ordering it.

The lesson? Maybe I should just grab some fabric softener tomorrow at Handy Market with my Tri Tip Sandwich.