Who am I and what is this ridiculous blog about?



The short bio:

I’m a Chicago native named Samantha and have lived in Burbank since 2003. I love this crazy city. I try to find the humor in the mundane and I generally enjoy telling a good story. I love Rhodesian Ridgebacks (big red dogs), history, urban planning and recycling.

The sorry you asked bio: 

I’m Samantha. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago (Lake Bluff/Lake Forest area where the movie Ordinary People was filmed for a visual). In 2003 I moved to Burbank, California and in 2007 moved into my current house and became the new person on the block. A decade later, I’m still the newbie on the block. People in my neighborhood never leave and it’s generally a good thing as I’ve found out. I love living in Burbank and have even gone to the extreme as writing a love letter to the city on my personal Facebook page on the anniversary of me moving here.

My street is much your pretty average middle class suburban street filled with houses that were built in the late 30s and 40s for employees of the Lockheed Corporation. Yet, oddly enough on this quiet street, weird things happen here such my neighbor’s trash cans getting lit on fire at midnight and everyone slept through it, or someone left a pair of size 7 red converse shoes on our resident angry old guy neighbor’s porch and he assumed it was me because they were red shoes and I have red hair. Stuff like that. I try to find the humor in the mundane and I generally enjoy telling a good story.

Besides being a crazy redheaded lady in Burbank, I also have three Rhodesian Ridgebacks and jokingly refer to myself as a Ridgeback hoarder and run a Ridgeback Rescue in my spare time. My educational background is in Urban Planning and because of this Burbank City Council meetings are a constant source of hilarity, concern and bemusement. To top it all off, I’m a hardcore recycling nut. Seriously, never throw something in my trash that can be recycled unless you want to endure a lecture. I’m very passionate about the “three Rs” and most importantly reusing and reducing.