What would you do if you spilled beer on someone during a movie?

The title says it all. This is one of those “only me” scenarios but I’m curious what everyone would do because I’m still shaking my head. Last night, I went to see Deadpool 2 at the Cinerama Dome at Arclight Hollywood. On a very side note, if you haven’t seen it, you should. I didn’t see the first Deadpool, but I very much enjoyed the second and did not feel like I was “missing” anything by not seeing the first and it was nice after kind of a long week to have a laugh. 

Most movie theaters in Los Angeles and I’m assuming major cities are getting into the whole drinking at the movies thing. Arclight has been doing it for a while in certain screenings, but they’ve expanded it to theater wide within the past few years. Beer and wine are at the concession stands and at the main theater there are two bars. During big screenings there’s even a makeshift bar in the dome, Needless to say, I’m a HUGE fan of this especially when I go to see movies that I’m being “dragged” to. (I’m looking at you every Star Wars Movie since the Prequels!) 

One of the great things about Arclight as well is that since the ticket prices are a bit higher, there’s traditionally a better behaved group of people and Arclight’s policy of not letting people in a few minutes after the movie starts helps. Last night a couple squeaked in right after the movie started holding giant beers and had their assigned seat right next to mine. I knew this girl was going to be an issue when she sat down and it became clear she was a fidgeter. We’ve all been there but sheesh! I get that you may not be able to get comfortable but this is not the time to find that sweet comfy spot, especially walking in late. It was a minor annoyance but at least she wasn’t a talker or a texter. About 15 minutes in, she fidgeted her way into knocking her beer over onto my lap and left leg. Seriously. To be honest, I kind of sat there stunned like, did this really happen? Yes, yes it did, and now I have to drive home smelling like beer in the clean, nice car. To be fair, she handed me a napkin and kept still for the rest of the movie. Afterwords, she bolted out of there before the credits even began to run. I’m not super mad about the entire thing, I don’t hate Arclight because of it and I’m not even that mad at the girl. I understand why she didn’t apologize during the movie and make a scene because the entire thing was awkward to begin with. I for one would have been mortified and probably been apologizing to the point of being annoying but I’m not surprised she bolted, I just as well may have too. 

So blogland, what would you do if you spilled beer on someone during a movie?

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