Rainy Day Shenanigans At The Salon

I want to take a minute and discuss something that is very odd, well I guess not that odd for a blog about nothing… eyebrow waxing. Some woman are blessed with perfectly shaped brows that never need waxing. I am not one of those woman. Even from a young age I was “blessed” with very **ahem** healthy and full eyebrows. You know circa 2004 when everyone had sperm looking eyebrows and some never grew back? Yeah, I didn’t have that problem. I’ve heard the myths too that if I keep on waxing the growth will slow down… Yeah, 20ish years of waxing and it hasn’t. Let’s not also forget about the fact that is goes from okay to bad practically overnight.

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 6.22.44 PM

Age 6, eyebrows and all

This morning Oliver had an early morning vet appointment to get an updated Bordetella shot because he starts a new doggy daycare on Monday. I don’t know if it was the early morning light in the bathroom but my eyebrows looked BAD and I knew I had to get them done TODAY. I didn’t care that we are in the middle of yet another Los Angeles rainstorm. After dropping Oliver off at home after his appointment I headed to the nail salon / waxing place right near my house. Naturally, because it’s raining I drove even though it’s two blocks away and spent more time maneuvering in the small parking lot than I would have spent if I walked. I figured that it would be slow because it’s raining and LA people melt in the rain but no, it’s packed. I guess everyone had the same thought as me. Maybe it’s because I can be a tad socially awkward at times, but I HATE getting my eyebrows waxed. No matter where I go, I’ve never had an amazing experience. (And yes, I have tried threading… never again! I’m not a fan of having a rubber band snapped on my face, which is what it felt like). I’ve gone to cheap salons and expensive fancy brow places. They are all the same. At least this place is relatively cheap ($10 for an eyebrow wax), close to home and doesn’t spill hot wax in my hair and so it meets all of my basic requirements.

I’ve been going to this particular nail / wax place for about two years but it’s changed hands three times and this current ownership is about a year old. No matter how much I frequent a place this is how it typically goes down when I get a wax. Keep in mind, I’ve been to this particular place no less than a dozen times and probably had the same waxer most of the time.

Waxer: [Some variation of] Is this your first wax?

Me: Nope

Waxer: Your brows are very thick

Me: **Nervous Laugh**

The waxer does their thing and inevitably my eyes tear up and my face immediately becomes swollen. Bonus points for if they put pressure on my eyeball which I will fully admit is something I’m sensitive about ever since I had LASIK surgery 6 years ago.

Waxer: Okay you’re finished, you’re so [insert adjective for beautiful] now!

I thought I was pretty before? I guess not. On my way out I vow to find a new eyebrow wax place that maybe won’t hurt. I don’t and I’ll be back at this place in about three weeks to start the cycle again.

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