The 10 Year Homeowner Itch

This July I will have officially been a homeowner for 11 years and time really does fly when you are “having fun.” It’s an interesting thing being in a house for so long, I really feel like I know it, like I knew my childhood home. I know all the weird sounds, creeks, I can walk around totally in the dark and know exactly where everything is.

When the house was first purchased in July of 2007 it needed a lot of work both cosmetically and behind the scenes. The next 4 months the house was basically a construction zone that didn’t subside until Thanksgiving! Kind of a funny story, I had it in my head that I was hosting Thanksgiving that year in the new house. I spent so much time getting the house together and realized at about 8PM the night before that I didn’t own dining room chairs. I had a table, but no chairs. This resulted in trips to about 5 different Target stores piecing together a chair set that I wanted!

I look at my living and dining rooms and see that they need painting and wonder how could it be?! They were JUST painted…. Oh not really, it was over a decade ago. Last year, was the year of doing not so fun stuff to the house: termite treatment, a new back fence and front gate, new roof, tree trimming and my favorite wall and attic insulation. They were improvements that were well worth it, but not exactly “fun” and besides the fence because you really don’t see your money. This year, I’m really itching to do some cosmetic upgrades that have been bugging me for a while, and fix some things that I’ve been living with mostly in the “master bedroom” (I use that term loosely because in my Lockheed Bungalow, the “master” is 11X11) and backyard.

I’m struggling with having homeowner ADD right now, similar to what went on when I moved in. I have two major projects going on and I feel like my life is in upheaval. I literally have a drill on my nightstand and boxes piled in my living room to the point where I can’t even get into my entry hall closet. Hopefully I’ll have this all fixed over the weekend and will have a new fun blog post about the master! The backyard will still be a work in progress for a few more weeks and unfortunately right now it smells like steer manure. (Fun times).


(Super classy decor, so you all believe me)

Anyone else have homeowner ADD going on? Is it an always thing or does it come in cycles. Leave me a comment and let me know!


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