Rainpocalypse 2017

The ongoing drama in Washington is a pretty big deal but what’s an even bigger deal? Rain in SoCal. Seriously, the top news story on our local news channel is not about politics, it’s about rain and for good reason, by California standards this is a pretty big storm, “Heavy Rain Blankets Southern California” to be exact. Being from Chicago,  I’m not any stranger to weather but I have to admit almost 14 years in Burbank leaves me with a little bit childlike wonder when it rains. It’s not so much rain hysteria, it’s more that I’m a weather geek thanks in part to growing up with Tom Skilling on WGN. I do all the normal things that people do in So-Cal: sandbag my downward slanting garage so it doesn’t flood, find my one umbrella and of course post on social media the minute it starts raining.

Like I mentioned above, I’m a weather geek and prepping for rain So-Cal style is not enough. What do I do? Well for starters I have at least half a dozen weather apps on my phone, an antique barometer and a weather radio. I’m not paranoid about the weather, I just find it fascinating. Needless to say, my trusty weather radio has been going off all day with flash flood warnings.


I also like so many decided to take a long weekend, hunker down with the ridgebacks and binge my favorite mini series, From The Earth To The Moon. Earlier this morning I was convinced that the storm had shifted and crazy rain was not going to happen but I stand corrected, this is some of the worst rain I’ve seen here.

Like many I’ve been on social media for the better part of the day discussing the rain. I’m amazed, so many friends in LA are without power, here in Burbank we’ve had a few flickers, some and some sketchy U-Verse service but nothing major. It really reminds me how fortunate I am and how much I really love this city.

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