img_2112This is quite possibly the scariest word for any homeowner. I’ve been lucky so far, I haven’t needed any termite work done since the house was purchased in 2007. Weird markings on my hardwood floor started showing up; I usually blame it on the dogs but these markings would be hard to prove it was them. In the back of my mind I had a nagging feeling it may be termites but I didn’t want to believe it so I put off calling.

Finally someone I do volunteer work with mentioned that they had work done by one of the all natural orange companies who advertises on the radio all of the time.

I called and arranged for an inspection thinking it would be a quick thing. It was actually an hour and a half long process. They were very precise with everything. The only thing that struck me as funny is that they mentioned that my attic was very narrow (which I knew) and that they would need to bring the “little person” to do my attic on the day they do the job. Being 4′ 10.5″ (the .5 totally makes a difference!) myself I found this to be hilarious. They went over everything with me and even showed me the termite dust that fell down when they checked my patio. I love how they circled it to drive the point home and to add to my paranoia. It was a nice touch. 🙂

All in all, the price that they gave me was pretty fair and in line what friends told me they had paid for whole house treatments and I saved an extra 10% by mentioning that I heard them on the radio, yay! Since I’m kind of a environmental junkie and the fact that I have three dogs, tenting my house and being out for a couple of days was not an option. I decided to go with this company because they do the no  tenting orange treatment. A lot of people give really good feedback on it. I pushed out service date for March 8th because I have a charity yard sale at my house the week before and I have a feeling my garage and patio will be filled with people’s donated crap, I mean fine treasures and the crew wouldn’t be able to work around it very well. I’ll report back on my experience after then.

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